Evolving your Power to Create - A 5D Approach (RAS #5)

Posted by admin at 8:54 PM on Jul 26, 2016


How to claim and evolve your power to create reality using a 5D approach, and how your individual self-mastery is the best way to contribute to the collective consciousness evolution of the planet in order to shift the current trajectory of Earth. Learn why we create similar versions of reality day after day and year after year, and how it is tied to the linearity of 4D spacetime through our memory-based attachments to the past and our desire to control (or fear of) the future.

Learn how to create big changes in your life by aligning to and embracing your authentic self.Discover the process of navigating duality and freeing yourselves of bias through the surrender of your time-based attachments that shape your beliefs. Come stardance with me on the map of probabilities as we explore our power to create!