Flow of Life

Posted by admin at 10:34 PM on Mar 11, 2016


There are two elements that are foundational to life experience:

1) Relativity: All experience is relative, manifesting through the interdependence of opposites. There is no here without there, no now without then, no object without subject, no good without bad. The definition of each polarity within a set of opposites is determined by one’s space-time and/or belief-based perspective. The energetic charge held between the opposites represents a theme (lesson) for the experiencer.

2) Novelty: Every experience is unique from all others. Novelty is perpetuated through the motion of change from one moment to the next. Themes (lessons) may repeat, but do so under the guise of novelty.

Together, relativity and novelty create the flow of life (relativity+novelty= flow of life):

As we become immersed in the polarized charge of relativity within a given moment of novelty, we are faced with two choices:

1) Rejection: Rejection of the flow of life occurs when our belief structures dictate a perspective, through the ego, that is biased towards one polarity over another within a set of opposites. This is the judgment of, and the attempt to control, “what is” in order to match it to “what is expected”. The gap between “what is” and “what is expected” is our state of non-peace, held in place by our resistance to the flow of life. Time heals resistance. This polarity bias anchors us into the thematic charge of the experience until it can be discharged through the acceptance and integration of both polarities.

2) Acceptance: Acceptance of the flow of life begins when we recognize our beliefs as the lens of judgment through which polarity bias emerges. As beliefs are de-programmed and judgment is released, the thematic charge of “what is expected” is neutralized and surrendered to “what is”. This facilitates the unresisted flow of novelty to be absorbed and integrated into the consciousness, further expanding its capacity towards wholeness.

Embrace and become One with the flow of life. When you flow with it, it will flow through you. It only asks of you to be authentic, to be yourself. De-progam the beliefs you’ve been taught by your parents, family, friends, teachers, preachers, politicians, and media. Remove the mask. It is not you. As you do this, all resistance to the flow of life is removed. Nature removes all obstacles in the face of authenticity. Have the courage to be authentic and surrender to life. Live. Let go. Love.