Intention vs. Expectation – Manifesting what you want outside the limits of belief

Posted by admin at 9:31 PM on Dec 9, 2016


As you learn to recognize how the ego utilizes the beliefs to pull you out of the present moment, you begin to let go of the expectations that you project onto the future in the form of desires (that which matches your beliefs) and fears (that which does not match your beliefs). As you let go of these expectation you are no longer reinforcing your beliefs and impressing them onto your future, thus the need to control your environment and other people in order to manifest your desires (and avoid your fears) dissipates. Then a new question arises. If you are to release expectations from the future how are you able to direct your future or manifest your reality which brings you excitement? The answer lies in intention.

The difference between expectation and intention is that intention holds no conditionalities on the path or the outcome of that which you wish to manifest. It is not limited to manifest through your beliefs (which form your expectations). You must train yourself to be ok with any path or outcome arising from your intention. Focusing on the energetic feeling of your intention while staying present in the moment and letting go of attachments is one way of achieving this. As you feel the presence of those probabilities that you wish to fulfill, release them to the Universe while turning within the presence of the moment, and therein you will begin to create your own reality through the resonance of your intention as opposed to projecting the patterns of your beliefs (which defines your expectations) onto your future. Practice letting go of the past and releasing the need to control the future, while simultaneously placing your intention on the feeling, in the here-now moment, of that which you wish to manifest. This is where dreams come true.