Staying in Love

Posted by admin at 3:56 AM on Nov 17, 2016


If your life appears to be going nowhere there’s a reason. The past shapes your beliefs which are then projected onto your future probabilities in the form of expectations, reducing those probabilities down to the ones that most closely match your beliefs. In this way your future is literally created sequentially from your past, only differing in the degree that your beliefs change, in turn giving the illusion of linear time where each moment is slightly different from the previous.

There’s another reason. As you project your expectations out into the future you are shifting your awareness from the here-now moment. Change only occurs in each here-now moment. What was (the past) is not. What may be (the future) is not. Only what is (the present) is. When you move your awareness away from the creation process of what is (the present) and project it onto what is not (the past or future) you are not present to create. Therefore a future will manifest that is just another rendition of your past, until you center yourself in the moment.

In order to fully center yourself in the moment you must give up your attachments to the past that shaped your beliefs (grief, guilt, regret, blame, etc.), and then let go of projecting these beliefs onto the future (desire, fear, etc.). All of these emotional attachments to the past and future are “conditions”. Only the moment is “unconditional”. This is why the here-now moment is Love, because only Love is unconditional, and the present is the only place where unconditionality can exist. This is why “Love is the answer”. Stay 100% in Love, in the moment, and your will be a creator 100% of the time.