A Message to the Nameless (Anonymous, the Martyrs of Time & the Birth of Courage)

Posted by admin at 7:57 PM on Dec 6, 2015


You are nameless. But you know who you are. Your journey has been long and difficult, spanning countless incarnations in the polarity dynamics of fear and courage. In many, you died as martyrs. In more, you suffered the fate of surviving....a martyr of mind alone, paralyzed by a fear that gripped your heart and hardened into regret as you aged. You still hold the energy of these regrets in this life. It is alright. This is the way that fear births courage.

Many of you have chosen to be born during a time when your world's technology did not afford your contact with others of your kind, but would soon transition to permit this. Those years of isolation from your awakened family were purposeful. It is understood to be an incubation. When the voiceful took the voice of the voiceless and you wanted to shout through their mouths but found yourself alone and lacking the courage, it instilled the fire within you to try, and this has grown within you to lead, to lead those who would come after, as leaderless leaders. Many of you are Anonymous.

Now the path is easing, fear is losing its hold as communication technology makes inroads to connect you with others who mirror yourself, who too have been down the path of the martyr. This is unprecedented in the evolution of the human experiment. Here, and now, you can openly speak your heart until fear holds you no more. You can learn to walk your true path with the support of your true family, many who are faceless and nameless, yet brothers and sisters beyond blood. And when you voice yourself outside of these technological training grounds you will know that your voice echoes through thousands, and these echoes gain chorus with hundreds of thousands, and then millions, as your race finds your truth in freeing itself from fear....through the very fear that has gifted you courage.

As you find this courage, be gentle to those who feed on fear, those who instill fear within you in order to harvest, for they are the enabler of your evolution...one enabling the other to find courage within the depths of fear, to know both polarities in order to become the totality. You will then be the template for them to follow. This is how the collective consciousness evolves.

Ride this evolutionary wave. Fearless. We are watching, waiting, for we are your future selves.