Penetrating the Mysteries of Pertho

Posted by admin at 8:04 AM on Oct 4, 2016


“Inner knowledge in action unlocks the secrets of the Universe, the secrets of the Universe is inner knowledge in action.”

Pertho (fate) is the cosmic womb of mystery, holding secret the fate of every probability until the horn of destiny calls it into the moment of experience.

Isa (ice), embedded within the depths of Pertho, is charged with holding all fate frozen within its stasis until the slow thaw of time releases it into the streams of Laguz (water) which flow from Pertho’s reach.

Eihwaz (Yggdrasil/world tree), taking shape from the merging of Pertho/Isa/Laguz, becomes the root and branch which connects the nine worlds, and through which the fated waters of Laguz flow into them.

The initiate, Tiwaz (Tyr/warrior/sacrifice), if his aim is deemed true through self-sacrifice and past right-action, is then allowed to come forward for the asking. It is here that the initiate who unites spirit and matter is given the weapon of the true warrior. This is conducted through Kenaz (fire), the creative force of cosmic potential, that when facing itself (front-to-front) forms Ing (inherited property), which carves Thurisaz (Thor/Mjolnir/thorn), the hammer of Thor, from the World Tree of Eihwaz.

The initiate, graduated into the persona of Thor the warrior, now wields the most powerful force through Thurisaz. Thurisaz, a counter-force to any polarized form of resistance, awakens the will into actionable form to fulfill its intended potential, thereby cutting through the gates of Pertho. In this way, the force that fulfills potential (Thurisaz) is used to counter the very force that holds all fulfilled potential hidden (Pertho), thus opening its doors to the initiate.

As the cosmic mysteries of Pertho are taken in by the warrior he is transmuted through the rune Ansuz (god) into Odin, the All-father of Gods. Ansuz embodies the divine intellect and higher mind, and is the conduit to receive, transmute, internalize, and express the divine mysteries. That which Pertho holds and Thurisaz retrieves, Ansuz becomes. Through the awakening to the divine mysteries of the Universe the double-headed arrow of Ansuz (mirrored) penetrates all 8 runes and claims them in itself the 9th as the veil of death is lifted and the inheritance of godhood is achieved.