Path of Odin

Posted by admin at 6:49 AM on Aug 26, 2016


The Path of Odin (as I see it) In the beginning was the cosmic wave, Ar uar alda, from which its singularity produced the duality of fire (feminine) and ice (masculine) that came together in a violent animation of the first form, the ice giant Ymir. An analogy for the quantum wave of probabilities upon which the duality of subject/object (observer effect) crystalizes frequency into particalized matter, birthing the physicality of form. And from this first fractalization of form came the second, and the second begot the third, until Odin was born from the body of those born from Ymir. Odin later came to slay his creator Ymir, taking the fire of its life-force (feminine) and leaving only its mutilated inanimate form (masculine) from which he dismembered and from it fashioned the new world. This is the severance from the feminine (connection to Source) and the distortion of the masculine (genetic manipulation) to keep it that way. So Odin wandered the plains in the search of the sacred knowledge and the memory of what once was. He searched the subconscious through the eyes and ears of his raven’s, Huginn (thought/masculine) and Muninn (mind/feminine), but each day he grew more weary of their return, especially that of Muninn for obvious reasons. Finally, he grew to understand that the knowledge he sought could only be found through a sacrifice of himself (lower) to himself (higher). So there he hung upside down from the tree of life called Yggdrasil, with his own spear pierced into his side. After 9 days of sacrifice the knowledge finally came to him in the form of sacred runes. But knowledge was yet not enough. He needed the memory of its origins, he needed the memory of his connection to Source that he had severed with Ymir. So he sought out the well of memory, Mimir’s well. He then asked Mimar for a horn of water from the well, but Mimir would not oblige until Odin fully released the ego of the masculine which held his feminine connection to Source at bay. Odin had but one choice, to sacrifice his right eye (left brain/masculine) to the waters of the well. Only then could Mimir permit its memory to flow through Odin’s body. And so he did. And so we must.