Spacetime Memory & the Unfolding of Holofractal Consciousness (RAS#2)

Posted by admin at 8:27 PM on Feb 20, 2016


“Spacetime” is a single continuum that contains 4 dimensional coordinates to describe every object, 3 dimensions of space (height, width & depth) and 1 dimension of time. Spacetime is most likely infinite (supported by inflationary cosmology).Any change in an objects spacial location must be accompanied by a change in time. Any change in time must be accompanied by memory. If space cannot be experienced without time, and time cannot be experienced without memory, then memory is fundamental to all dimensional awareness, hence to consciousness. If memory precedes consciousness, then consciousness is merely an awareness of memory. Since our current state of consciousness can only “experience” the present moment of here and now limited to a set of 4 dimensional coordinates, then our current consciousness is limited to a linear awareness of a finite “part” of memory at any moment, not its entirety. But, if spacetime is infinite, then memory is infinite. If memory is infinite then it contains all events that has, is, will or could ever be. We can summarize this by suggesting that we, in our current 4th dimensional consciousness, are the collective awareness of infinite memory linearly unfolding, or unveiling, ALL THAT IS in an ever-present “here-now” moment.